Simplicity III

Conference Date: 
Monday, September 9, 2019 (All day) to Thursday, September 12, 2019 (All day)
Scientific Areas: 
Particle Physics
Quantum Gravity


This cross-disciplinary workshop gathers theorists who have been working on novel approaches to understanding the structure of the Standard Model and its link to cosmology and gravity. It follows the previous Simplicity I and II workshops at Princeton University (2014) and Fermilab (2016) and will be a small, informal meeting with plenty of room for discussions.

  • Claudio Bunster, Center for Scientific Studies
  • Shane Farnsworth, Albert Einstein Institute
  • Cohl Furey, University of Cambridge
  • Christopher Hill, Fermilab
  • Stefan Hollands, Leipzig University
  • Kirill Krasnov, University of Nottingham
  • Andras Laszlo, Wigner Research Centre for Physics
  • Roberto Percacci, SISSA
  • *Mikhail Shifman, University of Minnesota
  • Gerard 't Hooft, Utrecht University
  • Ivan Todorov, Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy
  • Irene Valenzuela, Cornell University
  • *Xiao-Gang Wen, Massachussetts Institute of Technology

*To be confirmed

  • James Bardeen, University of Washington
  • Barak Shoshany, Perimeter Institute
  • Latham Boyle, Perimeter Institute
  • Lena Funcke, Perimeter Institute
  • Neil Turok, Perimeter Institute