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General Information

Proposals should be submitted in January, May, and September so that planning for the year may take place in a timely manner.

Researchers are encouraged to meet with the Conference Coordinator for assistance in submitting proposals. The Conference Coordinator will review all applications to ensure they are complete and follow up with the conference organizer(s) if there is any information required.


Proposals will be vetted by the Committee Chair. If approved, the Coordinator will follow up with the Conference Organizer(s) as soon as a decision has been reached regarding their proposal. The Coordinator will send a detailed outline of the proposed event and, if necessary, will set up a meeting to review the event and begin planning.

No invitations should be sent prior to a written receipt of the above document

Conference participants are invited for the length of the conference. If their visit is to extend beyond the dates of the conference, they must be invited as a collaborator for the extra days.

Organizers must submit a post-event report within one week of the event.

Please provide the name and email address of the organizer for this conference in the spaces provided below. This person will act as the primary contact for the Conference Coordinator.

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Conference/Workshop Outline

In the spaces provided below please indicate the title of your conference/workshop, the principal organizers with their affiliations, and the proposed event dates.

Note: When selecting dates Conference Organizers should check other events scheduled for their field in the coming year to avoid conflicts.

Name of the proposed Conference or Workshop 
Principal Organizer(s) with their affiliations 
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Event Type

Please select the statement which best describes the type of event you plan to host.

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Topic and Research Area

Please select the research area of your proposed conference/workshop.


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Is this Event part of a Research Initiative?

If this event is part of a research initiative, please select from below:


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Conference Abstract

Please write a short abstract about the content of the conference for use on the event website.


Benefit to PI

The Conference Program aims to have a profound impact on the Canadian and International scientific community and on the quality of the scientific environment for researchers. The annual program will have cohesion as a "season" and will complement other activities at the institute including seminars, colloquia and recruitment.

Please describe how your conference will contribute to these goals and to the scientific activities at PI.

Benefit to PI 


Please note that the funding for externally–organized conferences will be determined on a individual proposal basis. The following guidelines for funding only apply for internally-organized conferences.

All cost sharing opportunities with partners and participants should be explored. Proposals should show that financial partnerships and outside sources of funding are being pursued.

Please outline possible additional sources of funding that you are pursuing and the amount you anticipate to receive in support.

In exceptional cases, additional funding obtained might be used to invite additional speakers or provide student support.


Possible Funding Sources and Amounts 

Participant Types

PI will generally pay for or reimburse participants for the following expenses:

1. Economy airfare (based on PI reimbursement guidelines), ground transportation,  bistro account (or supplied meals) and accommodation. Speakers will be prorated at 3 per day, up to a maximum of 15 invited speakers,

Registering non-invited participants will be charged a registration fee which will include lunch and coffee breaks (conference dinners are in addition to registration fees).

PI Residents are invited to attend all non-closed conferences and workshops without paying the registration fee but must register in advance to do so.  They will be included in coffee breaks, but not scheduled conference meals i.e. lunches, banquet etc.

Please provide the number of expected participants for each of the categories below.

PLEASE NOTE: The following guidelines for funding only apply for internally-organized conferences.

Number of Invited Speakers 
Number of PI Residents 
Number of Online Registrants 
Total Number of Participants 

Invited Speakers

Below please enter a list of all invited speakers. Please include full name, affiliation, area of study, and email address.

No invitations should be sent prior to receiving a written approval of the conference application.

List of Invited Speakers  

Women and Other Under-Represented Groups

Perimeter Institute is committed to encouraging the involvement of women and other under-represented groups in physics.  Please let us know of any initiatives, which you are taking to increase the participation of such individuals in your event, and the names of your invited female speakers.

Initiatives and Female Speakers 

Extra Meals and Events

A typical conference has one extra event or meal to allow for continued collaboration after the talks conclude. This may include a wine and cheese, a conference dinner or a pub night. This is typically an extra cost (on top of the registration fee) for participants and is included for invited speakers. Please indicate below if you plan to have an extra event with your conference.


Are you planning an extra event? 

Additional Information

Please include any additional information you feel may be relevant to your proposal.

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