Symmetries and charges of general relativity at null boundaries

Boundaries in gauge theory and gravity have a rich structure that can provide insights into the underlying theory. Null boundaries are particularly important due to the fundamental role played by black holes, null infinity, and causal diamonds. In this talk I will study general relativity at a null boundary using the covariant phase space formalism. I will show that the symmetry algebra of general relativity at any null boundary is the semi-direct sum of diffeomorphisms on the two sphere and a nonabelian algebra of supertranslations. I will find the charges of this algebra at cross sections of the null surface as well as the associated fluxes. Throughout I will compare with the BMS algebra/charges at null infinity. I will also derive the generators of the symmetries for event horizons, and show that the algebra of generators has no central extension. I will comment on the relation to black hole soft hair.

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Jeudi, Avril 25, 2019 - 14:30 to 16:00
Space Room
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