Career Day

The Trajectories Career Day is Perimeter’s flagship career event for physicists. The day brings together current students and postdocs in theoretical physics with former students who have found great success in a variety of areas—from startups to big companies, finance, and even bestselling novels. Many of them were affiliated with Perimeter Institute and chose their career paths over other opportunities in academia. 

Through a combination of talks and panel sessions, the 2018 Trajectories Career Day showcased the many career possibilities available to young physicists, steps they can take to explore these options, and how to avoid potential pitfalls.

Highlights from Trajectories 2018

  • Read about the inaugural Trajectories Career Day at Inside the Perimeter
  • Imogen Wright's inspring Keynote Presentation (video)
  • Video panel highlights (coming soon)

Next Trajectories Career Day: June 4, 2019 (Register here)



“Young theoretical physicists completely underestimate what their opportunities are.”


Michael Duschenes
COO, Perimeter Institute