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Holographic cosmology: status report

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I will give an overview of holographic cosmology and discuss recent results and work in progress.

In holographic cosmology time evolution is mapped to inverse RG flow of the dual QFT. As such this framework naturally explains the arrow of time via the

monotonicity of RG flows. Properties of the RG flow are also responsible for the holographic resolution of the classic puzzles of hot big bang cosmology, such as the horizon problem, the flatness problem and the relic problem.

The holographic framework includes qualitatively new models describing a non-geometric  very early Universe, and such models provide an excellent fit to CMB data.  In the last part of the talk I will present on-going work with lattice gauge theorists aiming to compute on the lattice the QFT observables(the 2-point function of stress energy tensor) needed to compute holographically the cosmological  power spectrum in the regime where the dual QFT is non-perturbative.