Founding Executive Director launches new venture

The Founding Executive Director of Perimeter Institute, Howard Burton, has recently launched a new venture called Ideas Roadshow, a multimedia magazine in which Burton, as host and CEO, conducts in-depth interviews with a wide variety of leading experts.

His latest subject is Perimeter Distinguished Visiting Research Chair Nima Arkani-Hamed in an issue entitled, “The Power of Principles: Physics Revealed.” Burton and Arkani-Hamed discuss the challenge facing theoretical physicists to push our understanding beyond the current reach of experiments and how they are limited by the guiding principles of relativity and quantum mechanics. “I’ve long found Nima to be one of the most impressive theoretical physicists alive today and a perfect fit for Ideas Roadshow,” said Burton. “He certainly didn’t disappoint, skilfully weaving a number of different themes together and producing ideas that will be of striking insight to both the layperson and the practicing physicist.” While Ideas Roadshow generally follows an hour-long format with its video interviews, the conversation with Arkani-Hamed clocks in at just over one hour and 40 minutes. As the site explains, “Our entire conversation with Nima was so compelling that we simply could not bring ourselves to cut down the video edition to our usual hour-long format.” Since its launch in early March, Ideas Roadshow has also featured “Babbling Barbarians: How Translators Keep Us Civilized” with David Bellos of Princeton University and “Ocean Enlightenment” with marine biologist Edie Widder. In addition to the long-format video, each edition of the weekly magazine features an eBook, containing an in-depth essay by Burton introducing the material, the annotated transcript of the entire conversation (typically considerably longer than the video version), a bio of the interviewee, and a detailed set of links and references to further explore the idea in question. More information can be found at Interested readers can also contact Burton directly at  

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