Perimeter bids farewell to the fourth class of Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) students.

In a short ceremony on Saturday, June 22, 29 graduates of the fourth class of the PSI master’s program received University of Waterloo MSc degrees in physics and Perimeter Scholars International certificates from Perimeter.

The ceremony featured a keynote speech from Perimeter Board member Art McDonald, and co-valedictorians Ciarán Lee and Ruben Verresen delivered a playful but heartfelt address – a tongue-in-cheek PowerPoint dissertation on the quirks and challenges of the PSI experience – that hit all the right notes.

“We’ve had a really incredible year… [that] we will cherish for the rest of our lives,” said Lee. “I’d love to thank every single person in this room, and a lot of people outside it, for contributing to such an amazing experience.”

PSI is Perimeter’s unique master’s program. In one academic year, students are given unprecedented access to top researchers and resources while studying topics at the cutting edge of modern physics.

Every year, the PSI program attracts exceptional university graduates from around the world and puts them at the epicentre of theoretical physics research. Since its launch in 2009, PSI has become one of the most highly sought-after physics master’s programs in the world. PSI is international – students have come from 33 countries to date – and stresses peer collaboration and creative problem solving.

Of the 29 students graduating, almost all are heading on to a earn a PhD. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Oxford, Cambridge, and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) are all welcoming Perimeter alumni next year, and several PSI graduates are also pursuing their doctoral studies at Perimeter.

Perimeter is proud of what this year’s graduates have already accomplished and looks forward to their achievements yet to come.

Summing up the PSI experience in his valedictory address, Lee said, “I know I’ll never forget it.”


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