Thomas Galley

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Research Interests

I work in quantum foundations and am interested in two main areas: the structure of operational theories, and relational quantum mechanics.

- In GPTs I use representation theoretic tools to study and classify transitive state spaces.

-I study quantum reference frames, and am interested in the issue of transforming between perspectives in setups such as Wigner's friend experiments.

Positions Held

  • 2015-2018 Department of Physics, UCL, London PhD student

Recent Publications

  • Lluís Masanes, Thomas D. Galley and Markus P. Müller. The measurement postulates of quantum mechanics are operationally redundant. Nature Communications, 10, 1361 (2019)
  • Thomas D. Galley and Lluis Masanes, Any modification of the Born rule leads to a violation of the purification and local tomography principles, Quantum, volume 2, page 104, 2018-11-06, 1801.06414
  • Thomas D. Galley and Lluis Masanes, Classification of all alternatives to the Born rule in terms of informational properties, Quantum, volume 1, page 15, 2017-07-14, 1610.04859
  • Quantum reference frames for general symmetry groups, Anne-Catherine de la Hamette and Thomas D. Galley, 2004.14292
  • How dynamics constrains probabilities in general probabilistic theories, Thomas D. Galley and Lluís Masanes,2002.05088


  • Cologne quantum information seminar (July 2019)
  • Lecture at the Solstice of Foundations summer school, ETH Zurich (June 2019)