Lorenzo Di Pietro

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Phd: Weizmann Institute of Science 2013

Area of Research:
Phone: (519) 569-7600 x7501

Research Interests

- Conformal Field Theories
- Renormalization Group
- Supersymmetric Field Theories

Positions Held

  • 2013 - 2016 Weizmann Institute of Science, Postdoctoral researcher 2010 - 2013 SISSA, Trieste PhD student

Recent Publications

  • L. Di Pietro, and E. Stamou, "Operator mixing in ε-expansion: scheme and evanescent (in)dependence", Phys.Rev. D97 (2018) no.6, 065007, arXiv: 1708.03739
  • L. Di Pietro, and E. Stamou, "Scaling dimensions in QED3 from the ε-expansion", JHEP 1712 (2017) 054, arXiv: 1708.03740
  • LD, Masazumi Honda, "Cardy Formula for 4d SUSY Theories and Localization", JHEP 1704 (2017) 055, arXiv: 1611.00380
  • Vladimir Bashmakov, Matteo Bertolini, LD, Himanshu Raj, "Scalar Multiplet Recombination at Large N and Holography", JHEP 1605 (2016) 183, arXiv: 1603.00387
  • LD, Zohar Komargodski, Itamar Shamir, Emmanuel Stamou, "Quantum Electrodynamics in d=3 from the Epsilon Expansion", Phys.Rev.Lett. 116 (2016) no.13, 131601, arXiv: 1508.06278
  • Benjamin Assel, Davide Cassani, LD, Zohar Komargodski, Jakob Lorenzen, Dario Martelli, "The Casimir Energy in Curved Space and its Supersymmetric Counterpart", JHEP 1507 (2015) 043, arXiv: 1503.05537
  • LD, Zohar Komargodski, "Cardy formulae for SUSY theories in d=4 and d=6", JHEP 1412 (2014) 031, arXiv: 1407.6061
  • D. Carmi, LD, S. Komatsu, "A Study of Quantum Field Theories in AdS at Finite Coupling", arXiv: 1810.04185
  • L. Di Pietro, Z. Komargodski, I. Shamir, and E. Stamou, "The ε-expansion for QED", Int.J.Mod.Phys. A31 (2016) no.28&29, 1645039.


  • Caltech, Pasadena, USA, "Perturbative approaches to QED in 3d".
  • UC Davis, Davis, USA, "Loops in AdS from Hamiltonian approach".
  • Princeton University, Princeton, USA, "Loops in AdS from Hamiltonian approach".
  • "Cardy Formula for SUSY Theories and Localization", CERN, workshop: Geometry of String and Gauge Theories