Towards a general AdS/Ricci-flat correspondence

The AdS/Ricci-flat (AdS/RF) correspondence is a map between families of asymptotically locally AdS solutions on a torus and families of asymptotically flat spacetimes on a sphere. In this talk I will discuss how to relax these restrictions for linearized perturbations around solutions connected via the original AdS/RF correspondence.
To this end we perform a Kaluza-Klein (KK)  reduction, keeping all (massive) KK modes,  of AdS on torus and of Minkowski on a sphere.  We show that in the limit of large dimension of the compact manifolds (torus and sphere), the AdS/RF correspondence maps individual KK modes from one side to the other.
When the dimension is finite, the correspondence maps single modes to infinite superpositions of modes. One may further take appropriate limits so that there is either no torus (AdS side) or no sphere (Minkowski side) to map perturbations of solutions that possess no symmetry, thus completely relaxing the original restrictions.
This correspondence should allow us to develop a detailed holographic dictionary for asymptotically flat spacetimes.

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Monday, May 8, 2017 - 10:00 to 11:30
Space Room
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