An ever-growing group of both public and private donors has helped make Perimeter what it is today: a world-leading centre for fundamental research, scientific training, and educational outreach. We are deeply grateful to all our supporters.



  • FOUNDER ($170M+)  Mike Lazaridis
  • $25M+  Doug Fregin
  • $10M+  Jim Balsillie


  • BMO Financial Group Isaac Newton Chair in Theoretical Physics ($4M)
  • Stavros Niarchos Foundation Aristarchus Chair in Theoretical Physics ($4M)
  • The Peter and Shelagh Godsoe Family Foundation Award for Exceptional Emerging Talent ($1M)


  • Centre for the Universe at Perimeter Institute ($5M)*
  • Mike and Ophelia Lazaridis Niels Bohr Chair in Theoretical Physics ($4M)
  • Gluskin Sheff Freeman Dyson Chair in Theoretical Physics ($2M)
  • John Templeton Foundation - Templeton Frontiers Program at Perimeter Institute ($2M)
  • Krembil Galileo Galilei Chair in Theoretical Physics ($2M)
  • Krembil William Rowan Hamilton Chair in Theoretical Physics ($2M)
  • Clay Riddell Paul Dirac Chair in Theoretical Physics ($1M)
  • Cenovus Energy James Clerk Maxwell Chair (Visiting) in Theoretical Physics 
  • Daniel Family P. James E. Peebles Chair in Theoretical Physics ($1 million)
  • Delaney Family John Archibald Wheeler Chair in Theoretical Physics ($500,000)
  • *Anonymous Donor 


  • Maplesoft, Perimeter Educational Outreach Champion
  • RBC Financial Group, Presenting Partner, International Summer School for Young Physicists

AWARDS ($50,000+)

  • The Savvas Chamberlain Family Foundation Anaximandros Fellowship
  • The Joanne Cuthbertson and Charlie Fischer Graduate Student Award
  • The Hellenic Heritage Foundation Anaximandros Fellowship
  • The Brad and Kathy Marsland Honorary PSI Scholarship Award
  • The Margaret and Larry Marsland Honorary PSI Scholarship Award


  • The Cowan Foundation
  • Jon and Lyne Dellandrea
  • Corinne Squire and Neil Turok
  • Mac Van Wielingen, Viewpoint Foundation

DIRECTORS CIRCLE ($10,000-$49,999)


  • Bosch Community Fund, on behalf of ESCRYPT in Canada
  • Donald and Eleanor Seaman Family Foundation


  • The Boardwalk
  • Harbir and Monica Chhina
  • The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation
  • The Musagetes Fund
  • The John A. Pollock Family Fund
  • Robin and Robert Ogilvie
  • Ildiko and Peter Paulson
  • Robert and Pearl Radnitz**
  • Reid Family
  • The TRH Foundation
  • Alex White

FRIENDS (UP TO $9,999)


  • Jerome Bolce
  • Mary and Ted Brough
  • Compugen Inc.
  • J. DesBrisay and M. Cannell
  • Michael Duschenes
  • Dorian Hausman
  • Robert Korthals and Janet Charlton
  • Stephen Lister and Dr. Molly Rundle
  • Renee Schingh and Robert Myers


  • Don Campbell
  • David Cook
  • John Matlock


  • Debbie and Ian Adare
  • Dan and Robin Benson
  • Neil Bresolin
  • Doug Brock
  • The Carson Family Foundation
  • David Cook
  • Ben and Mona Davies
  • Greg Dick
  • Edward Goldenberg
  • Ed Kernaghan
  • Frederick Knittel
  • Carol A. Lee
  • ODC Tooling & Molds in memory of Leejay Julius Levene 
  • Doug Powrie and Sandra Herd
  • Stefan and Shani Pregelj
  • W. Michael Roche
  • Schnurr Family Foundation
  • Lewis Warburg Foundation**
  • Jiecheng Zhang

$250 to $999

  • Chelsea and Keegan Arnott
  • John Attwell
  • Michael Birch
  • Matt Douglas
  • Chris and Chryssa Geddes
  • Jane G. Hill
  • Stephanie, Robert, and Aaron Hilson
  • Colin Hunter
  • Kate Inglis
  • Sheri and David Keffer
  • Robert G. Lake
  • Catherine Little
  • George Meierhofer**
  • L. Elizibeth Quinn
  • Neil Steven Rieck
  • Nancy Ruddell
  • Stairs Master LTD
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC)
  • Kim Tremblay
  • Jacqueline Watty
  • Natasha Waxman
  • Gerry Wisnoski 6 anonymous Friends donors


Emmy Noether was a brilliant scientist whose work underpins much of modern physics. Perimeter ’s Emmy Noether Initiatives – funded by Emmy Noether Circle donors – support and encourage women in science


  • The Bluma Appel Community Trust


  • The Simons Emmy Noether Fellows Program at Perimeter Institute ($600 000) 


  • Anne-Marie Canning
  • Dr. Scott and Sherry Vanstone and family


  • BMO For Women
  • Linamar Corporation


  • Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.
  • Patrice E. Merrin


  • Andrew and Lillian Bass
  • Mark Caplan and Claire Angus
  • Jennifer Scully-Lerner**


  • Maria Antonakos and Harald Stover
  • Heather and John Clark


  • Andrea Grimm
  • Beth S. Horowitz
  • Lisa Lyons Johnston
  • Vicki Saunders
  • David Tovell
  • Steven and Suzan Wilson - Rebel Homes Inc.

$250 to $999

  • John Attwell
  • Jeremy Bell and Sunny Tsang
  • Alexandra Brown
  • Marsha Eberhardt
  • KPMG Management Services LP
  • Nicholas Reaburn
  • Betty Robinson
  • Barbara Dale Vaillancourt
  • Sonya Walton


  • Carolyn Crowe Ibele, in memory of Dr. Richard A. Crowe
  • Simon Haysom, in memory of Elsie Haysom


  • Shaw Communications
  • Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto

** Supporter of Friends of Perimeter Institute Inc., a 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States dedicated to promoting and supporting education, research, and programs that expand the public knowledge and understanding of theoretical physics.

This list reflects gifts received between August 1, 2016 and March 31, 2018, and multi-year commitments of $50,000 and more.

Charitable registration number: 88981 4323 RR0001 

To download the most recent PDF copy of the Donor List, please click here.


Government of Canada

  • $25 million grant through NSERC (2002)
  • $5.6 million grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) (2002)
  • $1.7 million grant from CFI Infrastructure Operations Fund (CFI-IOF) (2004)
  • $59,900 grant from PromoScience for ISSYP program (2005)
  • $50,700 grant from PromoScience for EinsteinPlus program (2006)
  • $50 million commitment from Government of Canada (2007)
  • $10 million commitment from Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) for research facility expansion (2009)
  • $50 million commitment from Government of Canada (2011)

Government of Ontario

  • $15 million grant through Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (2002)
  • $5.95 million grant from the Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund (ORDCF), shared equally with the Institute for Quantum Computing (2002)
  • $5.6 million grant from the Ontario Innovation Trust (OIT) (2002)
  • $20,000 for 2003 Summer Institute (2003)
  • $150,000 grant through Ministry of Economic Development and Trade for outreach programming (2005)
  • $120,000 grant from the provincially administered Research Performance Fund (RPF) (2005)
  • $50 million commitment through Ministry of Research and Innovation (2006)
  • $10 million commitment from Ministry of Research and Innovation for research facility expansion (2009)
  • $50 million renewal from Ministry of Research and Innovation (2011)

“Perimeter is philanthropy re-imagined: philanthropy as a long-range strategic investment.”

Mike Lazaridis,

Perimeter Founder and Board Chair