Recent Perimeter research based on the holographic principle seeks new connections between general relativity and quantum field theory. 

Perimeter Faculty member Bianca Dittrich

The From Discretuum to Continuum Initiative aims to bridge the gap between the subatomic scale and spacetime.


From Discretuum to Continuum

Since the advent of general relativity and quantum theory, physicists have sought to unify these two pillars to create a theory of quantum gravity. Many candidate theories of quantum gravity use discrete building blocks, but applying those on macroscopic scales remains a challenge. The Discretuum to Continuum Initiative aims to develop the computational tools to broach this gap. 



Perimeter Institute announces its Tensor Networks Initiative, aimed at supporting a new research approach with utility across a number of areas.

Early Researcher Award from Ontario Government

Four Perimeter faculty have received Early Researcher Awards from the Ontario government.

Erik Schnetter

Computational physics – that is, tackling physics problems using numerical tools implemented on computers – is of increasing importance in modern physics. Here’s a glimpse of computational physics at Perimeter.