Algebraic Braids and Geometric Representation Theory

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In 2012, Maulik proved a conjecture of Oblomkov-Shende relating: (1) the Hilbert schemes of a plane curve (alternatively, its compactified Jacobian), (2) the HOMFLY polynomials of the links of its singularities. We recast his theorem from the viewpoint of representation theory. For a split semisimple group G with Weyl group W, we state a stronger conjecture relating two virtual modules over Lusztig's graded affine Hecke algebra,  constructed from: (1) fibers of a parabolic Hitchin map, (2) generalized Bott-Samelson spaces attached to conjugacy classes in the braid group of W. In arbitrary type, we can establish an infinite family of cases where it holds. Time permitting, we'll indicate how the new conjecture relates to P = W phenomena in nonabelian Hodge theory.