On graviton production by moving branes

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In this talk I will discuss some aspects of graviton production by moving branes. After a brief introduction to braneworld cosmology I will focus on braneworlds in a five-dimensional bulk, where cosmological expansion is mimicked by motion through AdS_5. The moving brane acts naturally as a time-dependent boundary for the five-dimensional graviton (five-dimensional tensor perturbations) leading to graviton production out of quantum vacuum fluctuations. This effect is related to the so-called dynamical Casimir effect, i.e. the generation of real photons out of vacuum fluctuations of the quantized electromagnetic field in dynamical cavities. By applying the formalism used to study the dynamical Casimir effect I will show explicitly that the five-dimensional graviton reduces to the four-dimensional one in the late time approximation of such braneworlds. In the last part of the talk I will study a (toy) model where two branes approach each other in a radiation dominated phase, bounce off and move apart from each other afterwards. Thereby generation of massive gravitons takes place caused by the coupling of the Kaluza-Klein modes to the gravitational zero mode which exhibits a blue spectrum. At the end I will discuss possible applications of the formalism to more interesting scenarios (braneworld inflation etc).