Renormalizable quantum gravity with anisotropic scaling

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Despite intensive theoretical research for several decades, the theory of quantum gravity remains elusive. I will review the obstacles that prevent from reconciling the principles of general relativity with those of quantum mechanics. It is plausible that an eventual ultraviolet completion of general relativity will require sacrificing some of these principles. I will then focus on the class of theories where the abandoned property is local Lorentz invariance, replaced by an approximate anisotropic scaling symmetry in deep ultraviolet. At low energies these theories reduce to a special type of scalar — tensor gravity. I will show that this approach allows us to construct renormalizable gravitational theories in any number of spacetime dimensions. The study of a (2+1) dimensional model reveals its asymptotic freedom and suggests that this property may be generic for gravity with anisotropic scaling. Relevance of these results for gravity in the real world will be discussed.