Superstring Cosmology Mini-Course: Part 4

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From Monday, January 30th to Thursday, February 2nd, Senarath (Shanta) de Alwis will give a four lecture mini-course on `Potentials for light moduli in N=1 supergravity and string theory'. In these lectures, Shanta will be describing some of the technical ingredients used in recent constructions of inflation in string theory. The lectures will be given at a level appropriate for advanced graduate students and will be held in the Bob Room at 11:00am each day.

The topics to be covered include:
Derivation of the potential for chiral scalars in N=1 supergravity;
Weyl anomalies and the generation of non-perturbative terms in the superpotential;
Derivation of moduli potentials from fluxes in type IIB and heterotic string theory;
Derivation of potentials for light moduli by integrating out heavy moduli.

Shanta is a faculty member in the Physics Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder who is spending his sabbatical year here at Perimeter.